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Setting you up with a world class coffee & hot drinks machine is great, but getting you the right ingredients & supplies to go with it is just as important. Businesses have been trusting us since 1996 to provide top quality, and top tasting, coffee and beverage ingredients to make sure their employees are happy and their customers are satisfied. That’s why we created our exclusive range of Coffee and beverage ingredients under of brand Caffe Kiraz. We’ve spent 25 years perfecting our offerings for Caffe Kiraz, hand picking each so that we ensure the absolute best for anyone we supply. 

We provide our coffee and beverage ingredients like we do our machines, with a personal touch. We’re standing by to help you choose what you’ll need, recommend what we think will work best for you and even better you can book in to see us at our showroom to taste for yourself.  

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Caffe Kiraz

Where Great Coffee Begins

CaffeKiraz is our exclusive range of premium coffees and beverage ingredients that we have sourced from around the globe, each one hand selected for taste and quality. So, why CaffeKiraz?… Well we love the origins of coffee and the story it tells in fact, the word “Coffee” originates from the Turkish word “Kahveh” which in Arabic means “excitement”. The coffee itself begins live in a cherry on a coffee tree and “Kiraz” is Turkish for “Cherry” so, CaffeKiraz means “Coffee Cherry” and that’s Where Great Coffee Begins… 

Our Online Coffee Store

If you don’t need help deciding what you supplies you need, then head over to our online store 

White Label Coffee Service

Want to get our delicious Coffee in your own custom branding?

Want to build your brand or personalise your coffee experience? Then we’ve got you covered. Our branded service is for anyone who wants to get our delicious coffee specially made in their own brand. 

Business or café?? You can get your brand or logo on your normal coffee order and even sell it to your customers. 

To find out more about our white label coffee service just fill in our contact form below

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